Sort out which are myths or scares and put what you read into perspective What's in my cosmetics? Ingredients and terms used to explain how they work in easy-to-understand language How do sunscreens work? Discover helpful hints and tips to sunshine safe skin Did you know? In the UK animal testing has not taken place on cosmetic products since 1997 Does beauty matter? Sustainabilty matters - we care about our future. Find out what is involved

Beauty matters

Being confident in our appearance can increase our self-esteem. Find out why a 'bad hair day' affects us so much.


Safety matters

Ever wondered about the latest scare story and whether your cosmetics are safe? Read why you shouldn't worry.


Sustainability matters

We care about a sustainable future. What does sustainability mean?


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What's in my cosmetic

Baffled by technical terms and jargon? Use this section to understand what it all means. Cannot find what you are looking for? Use the contact us for help.

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